We provide year round personalized professional tax and accounting related services. With today's rapidly changing income
tax laws just keeping up to date has become a challenge. Find out what you may have been missing. When you file your personal
income tax return you are also applying for the GST ,the Child Tax Benefit, any overpayments of CP or EI, and
some pension benefits.

With the exception of Quebec your income tax return is a combined return for both your province and the
federal government. Be sure to
claim your provincial credits.


Resident Services:  Personal income tax preparation Our Objective is to get you as much money as possible

 Have your personal income tax quickly and professionally prepared. Whether you have just a T4
 for  employment with some interest, are a student, or are receiving pension income you may be
 entitled  to special deductions which you will only receive if you apply for them. As a business or rental  property  owner claim all the deductions you are entitled to.  Use today's technology and our  expertise to get your  refund back quickly, without the need for a loan.  With the use of Efile your  return will be promptly  processed.

Non Resident
 Personal income tax preparation
 See us first for all your filing needs. Our quick, professional preparation specifically  can address a
 variety of issues and entitlements to maximize your return.
Financial Planning:

  Let us help you succeed today
     Whether you are a single income individual, an entrepreneur sporting multiple incomes or a small
business, financial planning is important. If you fail to plan it can be said you are planning to fail. This
is the last thing we in good conscience want for you.


  Corporate income tax preparation


 Today's corporate income tax preparation is primarily designed for a computer environment and has  become more complex and difficult to prepare.  The transition from the use of  financial statements  to the GIFI (general index of financial information) has added an additional step.  But, in the event
 you have a refund of instalments or are rushing to meet those important filing deadlines the use of
 the Efile environment may assist you in making your task less difficult.

Monthly bookkeeping
    Learn to do manual or computerized bookkeeping.  It is quick, reasonably easy, and  affordable. Through our  services  we can help you set up these manual books, set-up to do computerized books or convert from the manual to computerized books.

       Or, if you would rather concentrate on what you do best let us do it for you at a price you can afford


Payroll services
  Your payroll can be as easy or as complex as you want it to be but it needs to be done. Whether you have few or many employees with only the basic deductions or multiple custom demands we can provide you with a solution that will meet your needs at a price within your budget. Payroll services include T4 preparation  and WCB reporting at year end.

Goods and Services tax
    Only in Canada you say?

    Well it has been here for awhile and does not look like it is going away any time soon. We can prepare  or assist you in preparing your GST returns in a timely fashion.

Year end financial statements
    We process year end financial data for statement preparation for all types of partnership, proprietors, or limited companies.